Eldritch Horror, Munchkin Treasure Hunt, Custom Inserts - Boards & Swords #29

2014-10-05 17.42.16
2014-10-05 17.42.16

Really excited this week, as I made it all the way through a game of Eldritch Horror.  Also, I mention my attempt at making custom foamcore inserts for board games and talk briefly about the latest Munchkin release from Steve Jackson games.  In addition, we have some Magic and D&D talk to finish out the show!

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Relative Dimensions #36: "Android: Netrunner Playthrough"

It's a bit of a long show this week, but Philip and I have been chomping at the bit to try out Android: Netrunner.  It's a two player cyber-punk card game developed by the same person who created Magic: The Gathering.  So sit back and enjoy us fumbling over ourselves and trying to figure out this game.