Obsessive Comics Disorder #46: "Power Laces, Far Out!"

We're back!  Between work travel, sickness, and redoing the studio, its been a busy month...or two.  We make up for it though, with some new segments, new bumpers, and even a new background track or so.  Send us some feedback on what you like!

Current Obsessions

Chris: X-wing, Duck Dynasty, LEGO Movie

Philip: Pax East, Duffel Blog

I Want This!

Get to Your Transport


Fantasy Flight Games [News]


Newest NERF blaster has baked in camera for capturing your foam firefights


Back to the future: Nike designer touts 2015 arrival for Marty McFly's Power Laces


Official Images Of The Lego Ghostbusters Set Are Very Convincing‏


FAIL! of the Week

Ice-T records D&D audiobook: "This s%!t is impossible to read."


Man has narrow escape after car ploughs into his kitchen at 30mph


This Week in Geek

Batman/Superman casting news – Lex Luthor and Alfred found


Taco Bell to unveil cutting-edge mobile ordering system, and other news for Feb. 14, 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is here



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