"Action Figure Friday" - In The Knerd

I had today off, so I decided to treat Chloe (my video game buddy) by picking her up for school and taking her to get milkshakes at Chick-fil-a. While I was there, I got the idea that we could head over to the Target that was in the same parking lot and go shopping. I figured we'd both pick up dolls/action figures, meaning she would pick one and I would get one for myself. I have to admit, this was partly inspired by the episode of the Star Joes podcast I was listening to before picking her up. Read onwards to find out how it went...

As the Star Joes were talking about ToyFair and action figures coming out from Marvel and DC, naturally I went to the Thor section and started looking there. I obviously wanted one of the Thor variants, but I had trouble picking which one to get. There was the Thor with the light up hammer, the one with the sword that turns into the hammer, and then this one--the one I ended up picking. I like it because it has more of a "classic" Thor costume and yet has the additional weaponry.

I took it home and opened it up to put together all the pieces. It could be just me, but I could have sworn that back when I was a kid action figures were made a lot better than they are now. It just seemed like all the "stuff" didn't seem to fit together just right, and if it did once you moved the figure at all, everything fell off of it. Oh well, must be just a sign of the economy/times. Anyways, we had so much fun that I'm thinking about making it a regular thing between the two of us on the alternate Fridays that I have off. So, expect me to post up something on Fridays talking about action figures (I'll come up with something cool for the other weeks that we don't go).

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Oh by the way, Chloe went to the section with the Disney princesses, and picked 2 out (they were on sale). We were about to walk away when she changed her mind and said "I'll get an action figure, I already have lots of dolls.". Looking through all the movie and other figures, she settled on a two pack that had Green Arrow and Prometheus in it (see below).

I'm so proud.....