Firefly: The Board Game, Playing Pathfinder with Chloe - Boards & Swords #44

I'm posting this on both the Boards & Swords and the OCD feeds since it has been so long since I last podcasted.  I've barely had a chance to breathe, let alone play some board games but in the midst of GenCon packing I got a few moments to sit down and record an episode for you guys!  Listen as I talk about my experiences playing the Firefly board game, what I'm looking forward to playing at GenCon, and walking Chloe through her first tabletop RPG with the Pathfinder Beginner's Box!

Come find me at GenCon!  I'll be working the Dice Tower booth (#3030) from 11-12 on Friday, and I hope to see you guys there!

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"Snap, Crackle, Pop" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #88

Heads up: Technical issues are afoot in this episode!  Due to circumstances explained at the top of the show, we had to move the studio and now my equipment is acting all wonky (by the way, if you are an audio expert and can tell me whats going on, email me).  That aside, we've got Kickstarters to talk about, jokes to be made, and GenCon is quickly approaching!

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