Obsessive Comics Disorder #44: "Chew On That Comic Con Goodness"

This episode is special for 2 reason: 1) In case you didn't hear about it last week, we're back to being weekly!  Yep, now we record 2 weeks worth of episodes every other Sunday and I'll drop them in the feed as we go.  And 2) We added a third chair!  Mark aka ScooterPrime from the chat room is now one of our cohosts on the show and starts off with a bang by filling us in on his trip to San Diego Comic Con!  Then, we finally get around to talking about our July Book of the Month: Chew!  This book doesn't deserve the treatment we've given it with our poor scheduling, its that awesome of a book.  Enjoy!

Thanks again to MapHook over at http://www.maphook.com for sponsoring this episode.  Go post a Hook today!

Book Club! For July! Chew Volume 1: Taster's Choice

For August! Marvel 1602

September! Cowboys and Aliens

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