A Zombicide Role-Playing Game is Coming!

A Zombicide Role-Playing Game is Coming!

I don't normally publish news on this site, but when this hit my mailbox I needed to share it ASAP. See the press release below, but here are my hopes for this: 1) PLEASE let me play in the "Black Plague" world as one of the default options and 2) PLEASE let the "inspired by the board game mechanics" mean that we can use the player boards from the later versions of Zombicide.

The full press release:

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News: Change In How The Aftershow Works

I've been spending the past week (when I haven't been battling a stomach bug) trying to improve the quality of my gaming streams.  However, I've discovered that my internet is to blame.  For the "rural" area that I live in (even though its not that far away from major cities), I'm getting as much bandwidth as I can.  It's great for downloads--it's the upload speed that is severely lacking.  I'm working on tweaking the stream to take advantage of what upload bandwidth I have.  A side effect of this is that I cannot stream the Aftershow to both my TwitchTV channel and the DunkaTV channel.  So, starting this Sunday, if you come to ocdcast.com/live for the Aftershow, you'll see that above the stream there is a link directing you to the DunkaTV channel.  At 7pm Eastern, I'll be streaming the Relative Dimensions show on my channel/live page as normal.  When we finish, I'll shut down the stream and switch over to just the DunkaTV stream so I am not splitting what upload bandwidth I have. Have any comments/suggestions?  Email me at chris@ocdcast.com

Announcing the Relative Dimensions Aftershow!

I teased this earlier today, and you'll hear about it on this week's Relative Dimensions, but starting next week Philip and I are trying out something new:  The Relative Dimensions Aftershow!  Each week, once we cut the recorder on the podcast episode, we are going to jump into some gaming and stream it live and hang out with those in the chat room.  If you can't watch the show live, do not worry, because the whole video will be available on YouTube fairly quickly (I'm not doing too much editing so the video will go up sometime Sunday evening). If this sounds interesting to you, come watch us record Relative Dimensions LIVE at 7pm Eastern time over at http://ocdcast.com/live.  THEN, once we've finished the show, around 8pm or so, we will jump into a game and we would like you guys to play along with us!  We'll announce the game ahead of time so that you can make sure to download it/patch it/etc. so you'll be ready to play.

We've talked about it so much, that next week's game is going to be STAR TREK ONLINE!  The game is free to play, so anyone can create a (Federation) character and jump on and play with us.  Since people may not be very far in the game, we will probably be grouping up and working on some of the starter missions.

Got any questions?  Shoot me an email at chris@ocdcast.com

T-Shirt Contest! Win A Exclusive NYCC Action Figure!

Hey everyone, I picked up 2 of the DC Direct Exlusive "Sickened Joker Variant" Arkham City Action Figure (see above) at the New York Comic Con, and I've decided to give one of them away!  Here's what I've decided to do -- I've been wanting to make a good OCD Tshirt for awhile now, something with a catchy/funny saying and then maybe the OCD logo and address.  However, for the life of me I have not come up with anything original for that shirt. So here's all you have to do: send an email to ocdcast@gmail.com giving me a funny saying (comic/geek related) that I can put on an OCD Tshirt and if I choose yours, you will get the exlusive Joker figure AND a free Tshirt once I get them made.  Feel free to enter as many times as you want with multiple sayings if you are that creative!

We're Back! -- Live Shows TOMORROW @ 2pm Eastern Time!

Yes sir, I'm finally ready to get back into the swing of things and tomorrow, Saturday October 8th we'll be resuming our podcasts.  Normally, we record shows on Sunday, but this time we had to make a small change.  Either way, we'll be starting off with Relative Dimensions at 2:00 pm Eastern Time, followed up by OCD at about 3:30.  Only one episode of OCD will be recorded, as I'm still backlogged on a bunch of comics. What I have read, however, is a lot of the new DC 52, so that's what we'll be focused on.  So email us at ocdcast@gmail.com and tell us what you liked and enjoyed about DC's new 52.

The RambleOn Podcast Comes To The OCD Super Feed!

Hey everyone, I'm back! That's right, I've come back from my business trip to Italy and I'm ready to start producing content again! In fact, as of right now, it looks like October 8th will be the day we record the next episodes of OCD and Relative Dimensions, keep an eye on this site and my Twitter/Google Plus/Facebook feeds for updates. In other news, one of the ideas I've had for awhile that I've decided to finally follow through with is that I'm opening up the OCD Super Feed to my fellow podcasters! I've sent out a few emails to podcasting friends of mine asking them if they would like to be a part of this site and that feed, and the first new podcast to the Super Feed is the RambleOn Podcast, which you can find at http://www.rambleonpodcast.com!  It features Mark, who is on OCD and has been on Relative Dimensions and his friend Trevor and they "Ramble" about various movies, tv, video games, and anything else crazy going on in their life.  Its a great show and fits well with the content already on this site.

New Schedule! Live Show Sunday Tomorrow!

Hey everyone, just wanted to put something out there in case you haven't listened to the latest OCD yet (and why haven't you?  Best one yet!).  Tomorrow we are starting our new schedule where we will record 2 weeks worth of OCD / Relative Dimensions (1 RD / 2 OCDs) in one big chunk.  So if you want to participate, head over to ocdcast.com/live at 1pm eastern time to join in the fun!

Philly Comic Con 2011

Ugh, I'm so behind on posting on the site.  Sorry about that, but been recouping from an exhausting (but relaxing!) vacation, plus I'm WAAAY behind on my comic book reading.  So expect to see some more reviews start pouring in soon.  As you may or may not know, I spent last Saturday at the Philadelphia Comic Con, and I got LOTS of great stuff.  To hear the details of my trip, make sure to listen to next week's OCD, as Cathi and I both have big experiences to talk about.  I got several interviews with comic writers and artists and I can't wait to play them on the show! However, I got more than just content from the trip!  The image above shows a small portion of the stuff that I got from the 'con:

Trade Paperbacks: Secret Warriors Vol. 1 New Avengers: Illuminati Kingdom Come Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Chew Vol. 2 Final Crisis: Revelations FInal Crisis: Rogue's Revenge Green Lantern: No Fear Green Lantern Corps: To Be A Lantern Green Lantern Corps: Sins of the Star Sapphire

Most of these trades are stuff I have been wanting to read but haven't gotten around to buying.  Expect to see review of them soon!

Action Figures From the Batman Begins movie collection - Speed Sled Batman and Roto Blade Batman From The Dark Knight movie collection - Grapnel Launcher Batman

As I said, keep an eye out here for reviews and listen to the next OCD to hear all the stuff that happened!

This Month's Graphic Novel - G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds

G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds, A G.I. Joe Graphic Novel Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that next month's "Book Club" book will be "G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds" by Max Brooks.  This book came highly recommended by a few people and so I'm anxious to read it.  The link above will take you straight to Amazon where you can purchase the book, and it gives us a little kickback to help out the site which would be greatly appreciated.

You can suggest other books or comment on this one by sending us an email to ocdcast@gmail.com


I'm starting a Graphic Novel Book Club!

I teased this at the end of Episode 18 of OCD, but I've decided to try something different within the show.  In addition to all the normal segments that we do each week, I'd like to start a "Book Club" of sorts for Graphic Novels.  What this means is that each month we'll pick a particular graphic novel for us (and hopefully you guys) to acquire over the month and read it.  Then, probably at the end of the month we'll spend some time during that week's OCD to talk about the book, what we thought, hear what other people had to say, etc.  The goal of this is to introduce people (mainly myself) to things that we wouldn't normally read, so the choices will sometimes be off the wall or sometimes they might be the first trade of a series.  Either way, for those of you looking to get into comics this will be a great way of trying out new stuff.

This month's book was something we discovered in OCD #17:  The Adventures of Ook and Gluk by Dav Pilkey!

Here's how YOU can participate:

- Get a copy of the book each month (Short on cash?  Look at your local library, many have graphic novel sections)

- Send us an email letting us know what you thought of the book: ocdcast@gmail.com -- we'll take some of the responses and read them on the show.

- You can also send me quick thoughts about the book by @ replying to me on twitter (http://twitter.com/ChrisTheProf) using the hashtag #ClubOCD.

- If enough people get involved, I may look into setting up some forums or something to let people discuss the books with each other.

- Use one of the above methods to suggest a book for next month!

As you can see, there's plenty of ways for people to get involved in this, and I look forward to reading a bunch of good stuff this year!  Let me know if you have any comments/questions/suggestions!

*Image taken from Scholastic's website, click the pic to go to the listing in Amazon.

In the Knerd - 12/6/10: "Waiting in a Blizzard for a Blizzard game"

I've decided that I need to blog more on this website, so I present to you a new column: "In the Knerd".  The name is kind of a play on words of "in the know" and "in the nerd", basically meaning its a place where I'll just talk about all the things going on inside my head.  I'm going to try and post frequently--I'm not going to promise to do a different post daily, but that's my goal.  In a way, it will be like my nerdy diary.

So then -- what a day to start on!  I'm so excited, as right now I'm waiting before one of my grad classes but as soon as its over I get to speed home where Ashley will be waiting for me.  After throwing some clothes in the washer (not important, but if I type it I'll remember better), the two of us are heading out to experience the awesomeness of Cataclysm launch night!

For those of you who may not have been around me or listen to the few "Nerd is the Word" podcasts we've done, "Cataclysm" is the new expansion to the hit video game World of Warcraft (WoW) produced by Blizzard Entertainment.  Ashley and I have been eagerly anticipating this release for over a year now--in fact its the primary reason we both got back into WoW.  Tonight, all kinds of geeks and nerds will be huddled in front of our local GameStop waiting for midnight to strike so that they can be the first to get the game.  Both of us have a collector's edition waiting for us there, which has all sorts of soundtracks and behind the scenes stuff in addition to the game.

Here in lies the problem: according to weather.com, its supposed to get around 32 degrees F tonight--and the waiting line for the midnight release will be outside in the cold.  Not really going to work for me, and I KNOW Ashley wont stand out in it.  So, since I haven't completely pre-paid for our games (something I've learned not to do over the years), we are going to first try and hit up the Walmart near us to see if they are going to carry the Collector's Edition version of the game.  If so, we'll probably be one of the first in line and thus we'll just wait (inside) until midnight comes.  If they don't have it, we'll end up going to GameStop and paying and then sitting out in the car until midnight comes.  Problem solved.

Anyways, that's all I've got today.  Wish me luck tonight!

*Image taken from www.vgboxart.com

I'm Engaged!!

Last night I proposed to my girlfriend Ashley, and she said yes! I'm so excited and happy, and I know she is too. We don't know anything about dates or what not, but I'm sure over the next few weeks we will figure it out. In the meantime, if I can get her in front of a microphone today or tomorrow, then I'll be talking about how I proposed in The Nerd is the Word episode 3. We shall see how that goes. Thanks to everyone who has congratulated us or given us warm wishes.

Remember: LIVE Show Tomorrow Night!

Hey guys, just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow night, 11/11/10, I will be doing a LIVE episode of my comic book podcast Obessive Comics Disorder at 10pm EST. All you need to do to participate is go to http://1.21studios.com/live. I'll probably go live a few minutes beforehand in case anyone wants to talk/add any questions they want me to answer during the show. So in summary: Who: Me! What: Obsessive Comics Disorder LIVE show! When: 11/11/10 @ 10pm EST Where: http://1.21studios.com/live

Updates and News

Hey everyone, just a few updates on whats been going on the past couple of days: 1.  First of all, you may have noticed a new logo and web site layout for the 1.21 Studios main page.  My hope is that these improvements to the web site make the content and information easier to consume for everyone.

2.  We now have a facebook page!  I've created a facebook fan page for everyone to "like" (and I hope you do).  If you're an avid facebook user, this will make getting the content and updates from 1.21 Studios even easier, as all the episodes and news will be posted right to your facebook wall!

3.  New stuff is coming!  I'm sorry there hasn't been a new Nerd is the Word episode, but both Ashley and I have been slammed with stuff the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully things will start settling down and we can both sit down and record an episode.  However, in the meantime I have some plans for some new things that I hope to start sending your way real soon!

It's Official: OCD is back!

Wow, its been an interesting week.  Ever since I posted last talking about the changes here at 1.21 Studios, I've gotten a lot of feedback from you guys, particularly about my comic book related show, Obessive Comics Disorder.  While the show originally did not have that big of a following (hence the reasoning behind cancelling it and focusing on "The Nerd is the Word"), over the past week the downloads have gone through the roof!  So I'd like to say thanks to everyone and all those new listeners out there (particularly you new Blackberry listeners--we're now listed in the Blackberry Podcasts app).  Anyways, so I've decided to keep on with the show; hopefully with recording Episode 7 this week!  Keep an eye out for it on the feeds....and send me your questions/topic ideas!!!! ocdcast@gmail.com 260-782-4OCD