Gen Con pt. 1, Interview with Jason Bulmahn from Paizo - Boards & Swords #45

As someone who loves #rpg books, this is so cool to see - almost all of the released #pathfinder books in one place! #gencon

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I had SO much fun at Gen Con that I needed TWO episodes to talk about all of it!  So in 2 weeks, you'll get the second half of everything I did and saw at the best 4 days of gaming (and they aren't kidding!).  In this episode, I spent a lot of time at the Cool Mini or Not booth, and I talk about the various games that I played.  I also run down my Top 5 favorite moments from Gen Con, in addition to talking about some of the Titansgrave stuff I saw.  Last but certainly not least, I got a chance to interview Jason Bulmahn from Paizo, the Lead Designer for the Pathfinder RPG! In fact, he was the one wrote originally wrote the game!  It was so cool to get a chance to talk to him, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

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