The Flash Review: Rogue Air

I've been wanting to write up recaps of my favorite TV shows for awhile now.  Now might be the worst time, as they all are ending their seasons, but better late than never!  Today, I'll be talking about the latest episode of The Flash, "Rogue Air".

Spoiles Ahead.

Last time on The Flash:  Professor Wells, aka the Reverse Flash, sent a psychic Gorilla loose on our hero to distract him while he finishes a key to reactivate the Particle Accelerator.  (Sidebar - you're gonna see a lot of these, but did I really just write that?  Crazy to think that's on the CW Network right?)

This episode starts off with Barry and the gang realizing that the Particle Accelerator is starting up and all the people that they have been keeping imprisoned in there are going to be incinerated when it fires.  Barry makes a few phone calls and gets the secret agency ARGUS to let Barry transport his victims to their facility on the island that Oliver Queen was stranded for 5 years.  The catch is that they need to get them to the airport where they can be flown out.

(Sidebar - in Arrow, they make ARGUS out to be this agency that's all about collecting people with talents and using them for their purposes.  Why couldn't Barry just say "Here you go" and just have them storm in and let them take the meta humans?)

(Second Sidebar - Barry says that the facility on the island is made to keep in some of the Arrow's toughest enemies.  None of Oliver's enemies can shoot lasers out of their eyes, teleport, or control the weather, so how exactly will they be secure there?)

Barry is up against the wall, stressed about constantly being behind the Reverse Flash but also not giving up on the Rogues.  After having a big conversation about the morality of keeping the Rogues locked up with Detective West (Shouldn't they have had this discussion way before now?  Nice to know that murder resets everyone's morality compass), Barry goes to the only person he can trust....

Captain Cold.

I know, it seems like such a bad idea and this is where this episode shines.  They do such a good job selling Barry's desperation to the point  where he will do anything.  (He makes a quip about trying to be like the Arrow, with West saying that he cares that the Rogues live and that's the difference.  Has neither of them seen the Arrow from season 2 and 3?  Not a cold blooded killer anymore.).  Cold also does a great job selling us on why he would/wouldn't want to help, and even though we know he is going to betray Barry, I still found it shocking when the deception came about.

Meanwhile, the team finds Eddie Thawne, who was captured by Wells and told he will amount to nothing and doesn't end up with Iris.  He acts as you would expect, distant from Iris and trying to break it off.  Iris, who must have gotten hit in the head and lost all the development she had last week, acts as 2 weeks ago Iris would and tries to rekindle the relationship.  This part bugged me the most, as it was really good to see her take a step forward last week and break the mold the writers had put her in, only to revert back to it this week.  Such as waste that belittles last weeks effort.

However, there wasn't too much time to think about that as the episode concludes with Barry finally confronting Wells in front of the Fully Armed And Operational Particle Accelerator...except for he's not alone!  Shocking only the 2 people who didn't watch the preview last week, Oliver and Firestorm rush in to help Barry.  This fight scene was amazing...if rather short and rushed.  Granted, two of the people are speedsters so it's not like I was expecting a long drawn out sword fight, but it seemed like Wells went down rather quickly.  So quick, that of course it made me think that he's still got something up his sleeve.

Final Thoughts:  The quick team up fight, while ridiculously awesome, left me very curious about this episode.  I don't know complete how I feel about the Wells resolution until we get the next episode.  Next week we get the finale, where Barry decides whether or not to travel back and save his mother.  What happens in that episode may or may not change how I felt about the ending of this episode.

What did you think?  Is this a part of the Reverse Flash's plan?  Why do you think he needs the Particle Accelerator?