"The Cheeseheads of Catan" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #74

I attempt to make not one, but 2 sports jokes this week, Philip and I are taking down bosses in World of Warcraft (okay okay, they might be a few expansions old), and of course we've got SUPERFIGHT! If you'd like to comment or contribute to the show, send us an email at feedback@ocdcast.com. You can also talk to us online, I'm @ChrisTheProf on twitter and Philip is @Philip_OCD. You can also follow us on facebook at facebook.com/obsessivecomicsdisorder. The background music in this episode was composed by Andrew Allen and can be found on his CD's "Free Play" and "Smooth Federation" - thanks for letting us play them on the show! Check out ocdcast.com for other great stuff, including my tabletop gaming podcast "Boards & Swords".