"Out of the Swimming Pool" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #58

2014-08-17 20.04.40
2014-08-17 20.04.40

We are back!  Pardon our mess as my studio flooded last month and we are finally to the point where we can record again.  We slowly figure out what this podcasting thing is again, and try out a couple of new things (I try telling jokes, for instance).  In addition to that, with Gen Con this past weekend we take some time to talk about some new games that we are interested in.

This week's hashtag - #failedgenconreleases

Last week's #reallifevideogamings:

Chris: “Mailing out invitations for friends to come farm crops next to my fields” “For Philip - tactically taking out enemy vermin (groundhogs) sneaking into your base (yard)” “Packing up a moving truck” “Throwing banana peels on NASCAR tracks during a race” “Why is it every time I pop these white pills my coworkers turn into ghosts? Blue, delicious looking ghosts” “Parachuting off the top of my apartment building because I’m too lazy to take the stairs"

@popculturecube: “At the dump, jumping into old pipes and punching cardboard boxes, before jumping on toadstools.” “Growing crops - then foisting them off on friends"

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