"We Have This Database We'd Like You To Sign Up For" - Obsessive Comics Disorder #55

This week we find out how emo Philip's computer is, why I won't play Racquetball in the morning, and test out a new bit: The Ultimate Crossover!  Also, send us your best time travel fails using the hashtag #timetravelfail - best answers will be on the show next week!

-> Current Obsessions

Chris: Why I wont play Racquetball in the morning

Philip: Heroes of the Storm

-> This Just In

"Quentin Murphy Denied Diploma After Stripping At Graduation"


"Substance Abuse Counselor Who Drove Drunk With Dying Man On Car Sentenced"


"Brittany Macintyre Charged With Prostitution At Town Library: Cops"


-> Hashtag of the Week


Last week's favorites:

"Yes they're yoga pants" - @nlcast

"Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon...shine?" - @popculturecube

"Superman is so much better than me" - Sandy Nickell

-> The Ultimate Crossover!

-> Blog Post Mad Libs

-> Letter From A Douchebag Editor

From: The Amazing Spider-Man #414, August 1996

-> Closing

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