Boards & Swords #22: Forbidden Island, Starting a Commander Deck

2014-06-06 10.24.50
2014-06-06 10.24.50

This week, we're a little light on the board games, but I've got more to share with my D&D 4th Edition campaign, my struggles in building a commander deck, and we have a breakdown of the coop game Forbidden Island!

Board Games


Moar Hearthstone!


D&D Next is free! (well, parts of it)

King of New York news!

Board Game Breakdown

Forbidden Island by Gamewright

Roleplaying Games

Going back to my D&D 4e campaign, this week I talk about the party facing the "boss" of the dungeon that I had created.

Magic The Gathering

I begin to construct a Black/Blue Commander deck, and find it much harder than I originally imagined it to be!


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