Chronicles of a D20: Meet The Crew

This week, I'm testing out a new series that I'm dubbing (for now) Chronicles of a D20. I've found an awesome D&D group over the past year that gets together most weeks to play. These sessions are filled with all kinds of entertainment and I figured some might enjoy reading of our adventures. Also, for the next few adventures, I will be playing the role of DM, so I can share all kinds of behind the scenes information on our adventures.

Today, I'll start off by describing the group dynamic to the best of my ability by introducing all the players. Now, since I didn't ask permission first, I'm going to strip out their names and just describe them by their class and how they play their characters. Let's get started...

Fire Mage - This is my character (when I'm a player). I play a human wizard who specializes in fire, and by that I mean he's a pyro. If too much discussion is going on during a role-playing moment, or if my character gets bored, he'll just start setting stuff on fire. This has worked against me a few times, as I've accidentally set most of the party on fire multiple times. But, if you need someone to quick set ablaze a group of minions, then I'm your guy.

Other Mage - Another human wizard, only this one has more lightning/ice spells (and isn't a pyro). He started out as an apprentice to a shopkeeper that we ran across. When the town was in trouble, he blew up the shop as a distraction and joined our crew. He is tricky and manipulative like my character, and often times will scheme with him to create all kinds of magical disasters. Sometimes, he and my character will sit back and smoke some pipes while we wait for the rest of the group to sort out situations.

Psion - I'm not kidding you when I say that he's a diva - his race is literally called Deva. Supposedly he's an immortal spirit now walking among our plane as flesh. The more charismatic member of the group, he is typically the one who tries to barter with people or bluff them to suit our needs (or just his). He is also a disciple of Magnar, and wishes to spread the good news to whomever will listen. Who is Magnar? He is basically a person who found enlightenment by setting himself on fire, and the Psion wants others to find the same enlightenment (my character is usually very eager to aide said followers).

Cleric - A gypsy healer, she was frozen in time for a long while and then thawed out by the group and joined with them. Along the way, she has found the descendants of her family, who currently offer us a home base to come back to in between our adventures.

Fighter - A giant who follows the attack first, skip the questions later, he is usually running head strong into a fight, with the rest of us typically trying to catch up. Along the way, he got bit by a werewolf and began to change every now and then. Eventually, we found a group of shifters who helped him control his abilities. Now we occasionally have a giant mindless dog who is easily distracted by a runaway squirrel.

Paladin - Our other noble healer, she is a cat like humanoid who while wearing chainmail is wearing very little of it. I'm not sure what god she serves but one of his commandments must be if youve got it, flaunt it. This works for when we need a guard or anyone else distracted. At the same time, she is most of the group's conscious, usually suggesting we take the moral high ground in a decision.

Warlock - A dragonborn, this warlock typically takes on the role of the leader. This is largely due to the fact that he seems to be the only one who can make sense out of the random personalities in our adventuring crew. He doesn't take any crap, and is fully ready to open a star on top of you if you get in his way.

Ranger - This human is that guy in the group - the one everyone makes fun of for his seemingly bad luck with rolls. It has gotten to the point that many party members will purposefully stay out of his line of sight to keep from accidently getting hit with an arrow. Honestly, I've never seen anyone perform a double attack and roll critical fails both times! His accuracy aside, he often has several ideas for how to approach the fight, giving the rest of us ideas to think about during the combat.

Rogue - One of the more recent additions to our party, this half-orc is not the sneaky sneaky assassin type rogues that you typically find in D&D. No, this rogue is more of the henchman type, always performing acrobatic stunts over enemies to get into a good position to stab them. Can be intimidating, but my character managed to magically persuade him to work for us for free during our first mission (hehehe). I just hope that doesn't come back to hurt me later...

There you have it. Internet, meet the party; party, meet the internet. Every adventuring crew has to have a great name, and we've dubbed ourselves Azrael's Bane, after a baddie that we've stood up against a few times. However, the unofficial name that we've given ourselves is much more fitting:

The Douchebags of Holding.