News: Change In How The Aftershow Works

I've been spending the past week (when I haven't been battling a stomach bug) trying to improve the quality of my gaming streams.  However, I've discovered that my internet is to blame.  For the "rural" area that I live in (even though its not that far away from major cities), I'm getting as much bandwidth as I can.  It's great for downloads--it's the upload speed that is severely lacking.  I'm working on tweaking the stream to take advantage of what upload bandwidth I have.  A side effect of this is that I cannot stream the Aftershow to both my TwitchTV channel and the DunkaTV channel.  So, starting this Sunday, if you come to for the Aftershow, you'll see that above the stream there is a link directing you to the DunkaTV channel.  At 7pm Eastern, I'll be streaming the Relative Dimensions show on my channel/live page as normal.  When we finish, I'll shut down the stream and switch over to just the DunkaTV stream so I am not splitting what upload bandwidth I have. Have any comments/suggestions?  Email me at