Announcing the Relative Dimensions Aftershow!

I teased this earlier today, and you'll hear about it on this week's Relative Dimensions, but starting next week Philip and I are trying out something new:  The Relative Dimensions Aftershow!  Each week, once we cut the recorder on the podcast episode, we are going to jump into some gaming and stream it live and hang out with those in the chat room.  If you can't watch the show live, do not worry, because the whole video will be available on YouTube fairly quickly (I'm not doing too much editing so the video will go up sometime Sunday evening). If this sounds interesting to you, come watch us record Relative Dimensions LIVE at 7pm Eastern time over at  THEN, once we've finished the show, around 8pm or so, we will jump into a game and we would like you guys to play along with us!  We'll announce the game ahead of time so that you can make sure to download it/patch it/etc. so you'll be ready to play.

We've talked about it so much, that next week's game is going to be STAR TREK ONLINE!  The game is free to play, so anyone can create a (Federation) character and jump on and play with us.  Since people may not be very far in the game, we will probably be grouping up and working on some of the starter missions.

Got any questions?  Shoot me an email at