T-Shirt Contest! Win A Exclusive NYCC Action Figure!

Hey everyone, I picked up 2 of the DC Direct Exlusive "Sickened Joker Variant" Arkham City Action Figure (see above) at the New York Comic Con, and I've decided to give one of them away!  Here's what I've decided to do -- I've been wanting to make a good OCD Tshirt for awhile now, something with a catchy/funny saying and then maybe the OCD logo and address.  However, for the life of me I have not come up with anything original for that shirt. So here's all you have to do: send an email to ocdcast@gmail.com giving me a funny saying (comic/geek related) that I can put on an OCD Tshirt and if I choose yours, you will get the exlusive Joker figure AND a free Tshirt once I get them made.  Feel free to enter as many times as you want with multiple sayings if you are that creative!