MapHook Contest Reminders!

EDIT: For those of you new to the site, MapHook ( is a location-based social network where you can create an online scrapbook of sorts by talking about your experiences and the places that you've been to.  To see how easy it is to post and hook and enter these contests, check out Hey guys, just wanted to remind you guys about the MapHook contests we've got that are ending this week.

By Tuesday (OCD) - Post a hook about your favorite Batman moment for a chance to win Grant Morrison's Batman and Son Trade Paperback!  (Put OCD in the Title)

By Wednesday (Relative Dimensions) - Post about your favorite mutant for a chance to win $15 fandango gift card!  (Put RD in the title).

We aren't getting too many entries in these contests, so support the show and enter for a big chance to win some cool stuff!