"Please Excuse Our Remodeling" - In The Knerd

Recently, I've been doing some thinking as to how I do things online.  Originally, I started off with all my podcasts and content being hosted up on my 1.21 Studios site, http://1.21studios.com.  It worked for simplicity and making sure that everything was in one simple place.  However, I felt that the name and URL was hard to brand and promote.  Is it http://1.21studios.com, or http://1point21studios.com? (Technically its both)  So, as my most regular content was OCD - Obsessive Comics Disorder; I took those podcasts and threw them up on a newer site over at http://ocdcast.com -- which is a lot easier to say to people.  While this blog and my other shows remained on the 1.21 Studios site, OCD moved over to its new site, with the idea that it would become more than a podcast website, but a destination for comics reviews, news, and other opinions. Well, the time has come to mix things up again.  I hate the fact that I am splitting my potential internet traffic between my two sites.  Therefore, this will be the last blog/podcast posted here on this website.  After this, you'll be able to find every "In The Knerd" blog post and every episode of my other two ongoing podcasts "My Video Game Buddy" and "The Nerd is the Word" over on the Obessive Comics Disorder site http://ocdcast.com.  All of the content may not particularly be comics related; but every person that I've found that is into Comic Books is also interested in other nerdy/geeky topics, which is what my other content is about.  This way, ocdcast.com will be your one stop shop for all the great stuff that I do, in addition to stuff from Cathi and DrQuest.

Please give me your feedback on what you think of this change, post below and offer any comments/suggestions.