Obsessive Comics Disorder #16: "The After Christmas Comics Christmas Guide"

This week I decided to take some of the ideas I had for shorter episodes and mash them together into a bigger show.  We'll get back to regularly scheduled podcasts starting with #17.  But for now, enjoy me talking about some of the new things I've gotten into this year thanks to Movies/TV, and dont miss the Comics Christmas Guide (That is coming out after you've done all your shopping....).
Digital Ink / Comics in Motion / Off the Shelf Scott Pilgrim The Walking Dead Thor trailer http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=29838

Comics Christmas Guide

DC: Batman R.I.P. Trade Paperback Batman and Robin HC’s Blackest Night HC

Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet X-Men: Noir Invincible Iron Man: Omnibus vol 1. Siege HC

Others: The Walking Dead Scott Pilgrim Irredeemable Incorruptible Chew

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