Obsessive Comics Disorder #11: "Revisting the Return"

Its been a long time, so another long catch up on comic books this week. Having been a couple of months since I last talked about the Return of Bruce Wayne, and with the series coming to a close I talk about it a bit more and what I think of the direction that Batman is heading.

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Comics Discussed/Mentioned this week:

DC Comics Batman and Robin #15 Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Batman and Robin Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Red Robin Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Outsiders Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Batgirl Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Catwoman Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Commissioner Gordon Untold Tales of Blackest Night (One-shot) Detective Comics #869 Green Lantern Corps #53 Green Lantern #58

Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man #645 Invincible Iron Man #31 Nemesis #3 Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4 Thor #615 Thor #616 Ultimate Comics Thor #1