It's Official: OCD is back!

Wow, its been an interesting week.  Ever since I posted last talking about the changes here at 1.21 Studios, I've gotten a lot of feedback from you guys, particularly about my comic book related show, Obessive Comics Disorder.  While the show originally did not have that big of a following (hence the reasoning behind cancelling it and focusing on "The Nerd is the Word"), over the past week the downloads have gone through the roof!  So I'd like to say thanks to everyone and all those new listeners out there (particularly you new Blackberry listeners--we're now listed in the Blackberry Podcasts app).  Anyways, so I've decided to keep on with the show; hopefully with recording Episode 7 this week!  Keep an eye out for it on the feeds....and send me your questions/topic ideas!!!! 260-782-4OCD