Iron Man 2 Review

So like many other people, I attended the midnight showing of Iron Man 2. Let me waste no time here...that movie was AWESOME!! Whatever else I may say here, don't get the impression that I hate the movie. The action is way better in this one compared to the first movie, much more chances to see some metal madness flying around. Once again, Robert Downey Jr pulls off Tony Stark perfectly. Honestly I'd pay money no matter how messed up the rest of the movie might be just to see him act out Stark.

A lot of people have been saying the movie doesn't hold up to the first one, and I dunno if that's fair. The first movie had to be really great, as the character wasn't really well known by non comic book fans so to draw a crowd it had to be spectacular....which it was. This movie didn't need to, as evidenced by all the hype surrounding it.

In case you've forgotten, the end of the first movie saw Stark reveal to the world that he was Iron Man. This movie picks up right where that one left off, with the credits reminding us of the press conference (reminded me of the credits scenes in the Spider-Man sequels). We then get thrown right into the mix, seeing Tony living it up as a celebrity superhero, with the US government not too happy about that. In the best non-action scene of the movie, we get to see Tony sass and humiliate a senator in front of a live TV audience.

The only complaint I have with the movie is that after all of this it starts to lag for awhile. After it is discovered that someone else has created versions of his technology and confronts him about it at (another) televised event, this being a race he's participating in. During this fight, the suitcase armor he pulls out here is so epically awesome. I almost wish they didn't give that part away in the trailers because it would have made the moment even better if I hadn't seen it coming .

At this point, faced with this and some other serious problems due to choices made in the first movie (I like the reference back to it btw), Tony begins to close in on himself and starts moping just a tad bit. It made perfect sense for him to be this way and RDJ pulled it off fantastically, but I personally enjoy the confident cocky Stark more. Which, after a sweet confrontation with Rhodey, we begin to see that Stark return. The movie just seems to take off at this point, and any doubts about the rest of the movie are erased.

So, like I said before, Iron Man 2 is a very enjoyable movie. I think the recasting of Rhodey was unfortunate, but I almost prefer Don Cheadle now to Terrance Howard. My one suggestion to everyone out there is to watch the first movie again before checking out this one. I did, and it made the experience even better. But I sawthe first movie twice in the theaters, something I just may have to repeat for this movie as well!